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Suomedia specialize in web development, ecommerce development, content management software, web application development, web programming, and custom desktop application development. Based in Helsinki Finland and providing development expertise since 1998, our strong technical competence enables us to deliver scalable solutions that meet customer needs and expectations with regards to cost, quality and timeframes.

We are able to create and implement successful eBusiness strategies for your business by leveraging web technology with real world know-how. Our expert knowledge in web application design, web database development and web technology integration make Suomedia the perfect partner for your web technology needs.

Our highly experienced consultants offer a full range of services and solutions including eBusiness Strategy Development, Internet Marketing, Web Design & Web Development, Web Database Development, Desktop Application Development and more. Let us help you to develop creative and effective solutions that will improve the way you do business.

At Suomedia we believe that enthusiasm and creativity are what fuel greatness. Our goal is always to be the best at what we do: develop and deliver dynamic, highly scalable, custom applications tailored to the distinct needs of our clients. Our applications are currently delivering dynamic content for MSN, CNET, ZDNet, Mozilla, Google and many others.

Suomedia have specialised in ecommerce development using the osCommerce platform since 2002 and also develop bespoke eCommerce solutions based on the Yii 2 Framework.

Suomedia Client Portfolio

Suomedia Web Development Portfolio

Suomedia develops creative and functional solutions designed to meet our clients' goals and expectations. We provide unique solutions to a wide range of industries and clientele.

This web development portfolio is a sampling of quality websites deploying the development services of Suomedia .


Shopgob Quikshiptoner Quickship


Shopgob - online book store based on the Yii Framework
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, Yii Framework, Suocommerce


Quikship - leading inker toner seller in the USA
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, osCommerce


Quickship - after the succes of Quikshiptoner.com, Quikship Inc. expanded into the sale of computers and accessories, office supplies and electronics. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, osCommerce



Quickshipauto ZipDJ Twisteddownloads


Further expansion of Quikship Inc. into auto parts.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, osCommerce


ZipDJ.com V2. - Canada's premier music distribution for professional DJs and radio.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, Flash, FFMPEG, Suocommerce


Twisted Records is a Psytrance label owned by Simon Posford, aka. Hallucinogen and Shpongle. Releases also by Tristan, Noosphere, Citizen Kaned and others. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, Suocommerce



Musica Monette Earthshaker Digital vTribe Media


Music Monette distributes traditional French Canadian music. Features HTML5, Ajax history, Search Engine Oprimised URLs.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, Suocommerce


Earthshaker Digital is our first website deploying our new Suomusic platform based on the Yii Framework. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, Yii Framework




Bringing you custom and exclusive recording projects provided and produced by Major Recording Artists, Producers, Record Labels and Distributors from around the World.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, FFMPEG, Suocommerce

Altissimo! Recordings HolyCultureDownload RiddimsNow


Since its inception in 1991, Altissimo! Recordings has been dedicated to the continuing production and distribution of the vast array of music from the wonderful musicians of the United States military bands, orchestras, ensembles and choruses.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash Suocommerce


The lastest offering from Suomedia . HolyCultureDownload.com has been completely rebuilt using the stable Suocommerce ecommerce engine.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, FFMPEG, Suocommerce


Riddimnow.com represents the latest technology in music download online stores. RiddimsNow specialize in Dancehall Reggae dance mixes.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash Suocommerce

Algerian Music Moodsqinga Records Soundword Music


AlgerianMusic.com is a site designed to feature the music of Algerian musicians
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Flash, Ajax, Suocommerce


With a diverse group of artists ranging from the prolific lyrics of "Philly Slim" to the Reggaeton rhythm of "ITO" Moodswinga Records is determined to be a major force in the independent marketplace. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, Suocommerce




Soundword media is a contemporary Christian music download store.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, Suocommerce



Hibias Records The DigitalSpring Intellitoys


Canada's premier dance label Hi-Bias Records specialising in the very best in Dance, House, Trance, Chill and Retro music compilations. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, osCommerce



The Digital Spring is designed as an outlet for independent musicians.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, Suocommerce


Intellitoys aims to bring educational content to the mass market via an innovative delivery method - Toys and toy figures with sound and downloadable content, including apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound, and ability to perform interactive functions. The technical expertise of Suomedia has been employed to deliver web based content to these toys through the Intellitoys desktop application. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, XML, osCommerce , Songbird

GospelHouse Music Musica360


Online digital download and CD store featuring dancehall mixes by top Reggae DJ's. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, osCommerce


Gospelhouse Music is a Christian music site specializing in house music and workout beats.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Suocommerce


Musica360.com is a bilingual Spanish-English download music store and online community that focuses on the US Hispanic market. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, osCommerce

Massattack Masque Musica


An Australian based naturopathic weightloss website. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, osCommerce


The official music download website of the Canzion Group music publishers. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, osCommerce




A comprehensive online course booking and reservation system developed for the Eldorado Public Schools District, Arkansas USA. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, osCommerce

Moofaces Beatstreet Records


A dynamic community site for professionals in the music, film, acting dance and modeling industries. This site has been developed by Suomedia to duplicate functionalites found on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Includes instant messaging and live chat. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, FFmpeg, osCommerce


The existing website of Beatstreet Records of Canada has been completely redeveloped using technologies developed by Suomedia . Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, osCommerce




A very nice lingerie site completely redesigned and updated by Suomedia, including comprehensive stock/sizing control and credit system for gift vouchers. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, osCommerce


Biome Living


A Christian hiphop/urban music download store. This site has been completely redeveloped by Suomedia and includes integrated music player with cart functionality and Ajax page loads. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, osCommerce


A Mexican Christian music download store. This site features a comprehensive credit system for the use of prepaid music credit cards. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, osCommerce


An Australian online store specialising in organic, natural, and eco-friendly products for home, body and gifts. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, osCommerce

DanceDownloads.eu Vogue Knitting  


A European digital download music store based in the Netherlands specialising in modern dance music. This site features advanced Ajax developments for both the music player and shopping cart. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Ajax, Flash, osCommerce


Vogue Knitting/Sixth&Spring Books is a leading independent publisher specializing in high-quality knitting, crochet, sewing and crafts books. Technologies: PHP, MySQL, osCommerce